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Nebraska Recycling Council’s programs center on building systems for efficient, economic and environmentally sustainable materials management. Recycling has many direct benefits, such as resource conservation and land preservation, but the indirect benefits of recycling are significant and often overlooked. These range from job creation and tax revenues to homegrown pride, factors that make communities stronger and more appealing.

Nebraska’s recycling and collection systems are challenged by low population density and long distances to end-markets for recovered materials. This makes materials recovery far less efficient and costlier to manage. NRC is re-energizing recycling in Nebraska by networking directly with businesses, elected officials, community leaders and service providers to share resources and work together for a better future.

Zero Waste Best Management Practices, Certification, & Business Guides

Whether a business is just starting a recycling program, looking to enhance their current program, or interested in becoming a Zero Waste Certified facility, the Nebraska Resource Council is here to help.  Two, TRUE Advisors are on staff to assist organizations with strategies to become a Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) TRUE Certified Zero Waste Facility in accordance with the TRUE Zero Waste Rating System. Apart from that, NRC has created easy how-to guides and case studies on zero waste. These practical guides can assist in creating and implementing waste reduction plans. Each year NRC offers a series of webinars and networking events to facilitate peer-to-peer education, including workshops at our Annual Awards Luncheon held in the fall.

Hub & Spoke Recycling

The hub and spoke model works with regional recycling processing centers serving as the “hub” and receiving materials from nearby “spoke” communities. The hubs invest in equipment and infrastructure needed to create and store the high density bales that re-manufacturing markets require, while spokes invest in collection trailers or containers and transportation to the hub. The partnerships create a more durable, economical, and efficient materials handling system by consolidating larger volumes of recyclables and moving them more efficiently to markets. This collaborative approach particularly suits rural communities in which access to recycling is a challenge.

With funding from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, NRC supports regional recycling programs and assists in developing new rural programs using the hub and spoke model. Explore more about hub and spoke recycling at the links below.

Northeast Nebraska Hub and Spoke Recycling Project Report

Hub & Spoke: A Recycling Model for Rural Communities Webinar

Maximizing Regional and Rural Recycling Programs Presentation

Online Recycling Guide

Each year we work hard to keep our Nebraska online recycling guide up-to-date.  The Nebraska Recycling Guide is a premier reuse and recycle resource, allowing searches on where to recycle over 100 types of materials, by organization or location.

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