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Stats from the Earth Day CHaRM Event

On April 28th, Lincoln Earth Day, NRC held a collection of hard to recycle materials on Nebraska Innovation Campus, and here are the results of that day! 4 vendors, 16 volunteers, 2,480 lbs of shredded paper, 70 lbs of batteries, 510 lbs of clothing and household goods, and 10,200 lbs of electronics for a total […]

NRC Receives Grant from Nebraska Environmental Trust

NRC is happy to announce that we have received $292,666 from the Nebraska Environmental Trust for the “Recycling Equipment Grants and Consultation” project. The Trust Board announced funding for the project at its meeting on April 5, 2018 in Lincoln. The project is one of the 105 projects receiving $18,301,819 in grant awards from the […]

China Ban Continues to Vex Domestic Markets

It’s a complex, global marketplace for recovered materials. While individual communities can’t control market forces, it is wise to understand the underlying landscape. Partially excerpted from Resource Recycling magazine, here are some recent developments. Recovered material prices have been volatile in recent times as Chinese import changes have developed. On May 3 China made another alarming announcement that it was implementing […]

Resource Recycling Conference Grants

Opportunity knocks! For the third year in a row, the 2018 Resource Recycling Conference is offering free registration, travel and accommodations through the Steve Thompson Memorial Grant for people involved in recycling, particularly community leaders. It is the leading source for information on how to make recycling and other forms of waste diversion work. APPLY […]

Breaking news: Spring has arrived!

And with that we have a few important announcements. But before we go on… What has your business or community been up to lately? NRC members and “not-yet” members hear from us twice a month, but we don’t always hear from you, even though we know you are doing great things in the waste diversion […]

Recovering Nutrients from…wait, what?

Get ready, we’re about to talk about poop. Maybe that makes you giggle, maybe it makes you cringe, or maybe it raises your enthusiasm, because you know that poop has a lot of potential. As Midwesterners, many of us are familiar with the advantages of manure as a fertilizer, but advances in technology are creating more […]

American Recycling Achieves R2 Certification

NRC member, American Recycling, with two facilities in Lincoln, has achieved an important milestone in their capacity to provide verified safe and responsible electronics recycling in Nebraska. They join only one other company, (NRC member, Lifespan in Omaha), with R2 Certified facilities in Nebraska. The Nebraska Recycling Council congratulates American Recycling for this ambitious achievement. What is R2 […]

Earth Day, Every Day

One of our goals is to make sure every Nebraskan has access to recycling services, even for hard to recycle materials. One way we achieve this is by providing an accessible recycling directory that lists service providers and outlets in Nebraska. Our Nebraska Recycling Guide is updated every year with new listings. We also support special collection […]

What is Compost?

A new, more complete definition of compost was adopted by the American Association of Plant and Food Control Officials recently, after several years of deliberation. Supported by the US Composting Council (USCC), this definition is important, because it re-enforces best practices and quality product standards that have been developed, and differentiates compost from other products […]

Video – Setting up a Recycling Program in Multifamily Housing Complexes

If you missed our Lunch & Learn: How to Set up a Successful Recycling Program in Multifamily Housing Complexes, check out this recording of the presentation! SEE IT HERE

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