Nebraska Recycling Council

Waste Assessments

Do you know what your organization spends on waste every year?

Businesses pay for an estimated 40% more trash service than needed. Nebraska Recycling Council offers technical assistance to businesses that need to improve environmental performance and control costs.

On-Site Waste Review

An On-site Waste Review analyzes a company’s waste and recycling program through interviews, evaluation of bills, and through visual inspections. A basic written report is provided with a list of recommendations and resources.


NRC member – FREE


  • Nonprofit Organizations – $150
  • 1-49 employees, gov’t or educational institutions – $250
  • 50-200 employees – $400
  • 201-500 employees – $600

Waste Assessment

A Waste Assessment includes the On-site Waste Review and takes it to the next level to provide a more detailed analysis of waste streams. The client collects and holds waste and recycling materials for a period of time based on their current collection schedule. Our staff sorts and measures all materials destined for the landfill and the recycling center, recording weight and estimating volume. A detailed written report contains photographic documentation, customized recommendations, and an economic analysis of current versus future program options.

Waste Assessments are priced by container size in cubic yards multiplied by the number of pulls. A week’s worth of material is recommended. For example, a 4 cubic yard trash container picked up twice per week at the non-member rate is $250 x 4 cubic yards x 2 pulls, or $2,000. Recycling containers are charged at $150 per cubic yard. For facilities with compactors or roll-off containers larger than 10 cubic yards, a representative sample will be measured. Mileage will be charged for businesses outside of Lincoln.


Trash Containers

  • NRC Member – $200/cu. yd.
  • Non-member – $250/cu. yd.

Recycling Containers

  • NRC Member – $120/cu. yd.
  • Non-member – $150/cu. yd.

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