Summertime. It goes fast, so every moment is precious. This weekend I took my three young grandchildren out for a picnic lunch and playground time. In the evening after the girls had supper and I was about to leave their house, one of the girls started crying. Big tears rolled down her cheeks. Granddaughter (through her sobs): “Can’t you make it morning instead of nighttime?” Her Mom: “I don’t know how to do that.”

Back to the world of Recycling in Nebraska… While we’re basking in these sunny days, we’re also looking forward to this year’s Annual Awards Luncheon on October 19th. Our theme this year is, “Collaboration is the Key”, and we think you’ll find our two workshops and keynote speaker engaging and enlightening.
We have an important question for our community and business members:  Are you ready to brag about your accomplishments? Then it’s time to start thinking about applying for the NRC Annual Awards for your well-deserved recognition!
Our award categories have been revised slightly this year to make them more inclusive. The deadline for applications is July 21st, and it will be here before we know it. Take advantage of the prestige your organization or community will gain by winning an NRC award, and complete your application today.
Good luck and happy summer,