Did you know that this month is Strawless September in Seattle? What a good idea for the rest of the country, because, “Across the U.S., we use and toss around 500 million plastic straws each day, which totals out to around 12 million pounds of plastic waste over a year.” As the funny video in this article admonishes, we need to “stop sucking”.

Two of us from NRC attended the Resource Recycling Conference, held in Minneapolis August 28-30. We made tons of great contacts and gathered resources from various EPA offices, recycling associations, national nonprofits, and vendors that we are eager to share with you. What was our big take-away? Materials management is challenging, but we are not alone. It’s not just on us as “consumers” or on communities to resolve materials management problems (mostly packaging waste). Manufacturers and retail giants are working on this too. They are making progress, but let’s not forget that we all have a place at the table, and it’s important that our voices be heard.

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