Nebraska Recycling Council


2017 Webinars

This webinar will answer your questions by providing an overview of becoming a certified electronics recycler.

Learn how to recycle EPS foam (expanded polystyrene – #6 plastic).

Learn how smart technology has entered the waste and recycling services market.


2016 Zero Waste Community Road-Map Webinar Series

Learn how pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) works for residents and the steps a community can do to move it forward.

How do you bring a convenient, cost-effective curbside recycling program to your community?

Every successful recycling program starts with education.  Education both increases participation and revenues, and reduces contamination and costs.

Get a primer on what composting is and why it matters.


2016 Zero Waste Business Road-Map Webinar Series

What is Zero Waste?  Is it possible? How do I get started?  Does it cost money?

Is your waste & recycling service the best fit for your needs?

A system is only as good as its user!  During this webinar, we demonstrate the importance of training staff for Zero Waste in any organization.

Businesses that Reduce and Reuse see the most savings.

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