Nebraska Recycling Council is still marking “firsts” in its 2-year tenure since the merger that combined two outstanding organizations into one in 2017. Our first annual report was completed and mailed to members in early April. The report covered accomplishments in 2018, our reach across Nebraska, event photos, members, partners, and commentary from the executive director and president of the board. Download the report here.

First #2 was our Legislative Recycling Day on April 2nd. In partnership with Keep Nebraska Beautiful, we hosted several state senators and staff for coffee and cinnamon rolls at the Nebraska Environmental Trust headquarters, and held substantive conversations about the complexities of waste diversion, recycling, recycling education, and the funding of these activities. We are grateful to all senators in our great state for their willingness to engage on these important issues.

One final note, and this is also a first. NRC board member, Gene Hanlon has organized a political yard sign recycling collection in Lincoln. With the completion of local elections on May 7th, Lincoln residents can recycle the wire frame and paper from political yard signs at Sadoff Iron and Metal Company, 5510 NW 39th Street from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday only. The collection will end Friday, May 17th. There will be two containers, one for wire frames and the other for paper signs. Paper signs must be removed from the wire frames and placed in the corresponding bins. The paper will be recycled by Green Quest Recycling. Sincere thanks to NRC members, Sadoff Iron and Metal and Green Quest Recycling for supporting this community effort!