America Recycles Day is November 15th, but we’re celebrating throughout the whole month of November. To celebrate, we are asking individuals to take action.

Plastics create many environmental problems, including but not limited to ocean pollution, groundwater pollution, and human health effects. The best solution to the plastics problem is to get to the root of the issue and avoid unnecessary materials in the first place. As individuals, we must fight for what we stand for, for the good of the earth and its people, through our actions.

So we ask…
Will you make a plastics pledge? To become more personally responsible, to inform yourself, to demand that businesses make changes, to contribute to NRC so we may continue fighting?

We hope you will.

PS – Making a pledge has perks! You will be entered in a drawing for one of two sustainable to-go kits, and you will receive a special series of three emails with tips, resources, and tools to help you take action.