The Annual Meeting workshops are a fantastic opportunity to hear from champions in the recycling world and gather resources for your community or business. Attendees have a choice between two concurrent workshops, both featuring panelists that are experts in those areas. You will hear each of them present and have the opportunity to ask questions. Workshops begin at 8:30am.

The workshops are:

Teaming Up to Change Your Community’s Solid Waste Management System
How do communities navigate the process of changing their solid waste management plan with a diverse group of stakeholders? Hear from a panel of community leaders who have been through the process. Learn about accomplishments, challenges and lessons learned.

Building Business Partnerships to Maximize Savings in Solid Waste Management and Recycling
Where are the opportunities for businesses to improve recycling outcomes by pooling their resources? A panel of experts will share their experiences from a variety of partnership models, from business to business, recycler to business, government, nonprofits and investors.

To learn more about the workshop panelists, visit our Annual Meeting information page.