As I write this letter, it has been one week since our Awards Luncheon, themed “Collaboration is the Key.” We heard many positive comments during the event and through our post-event survey, and are grateful for the supportive feedback.

The morning workshop panels, “Teaming up to Change Your Community’s Solid Waste Management System” and “Building Business Partnerships to Maximize Savings in Solid Waste Management and Recycling,” were incredibly uplifting and informational. Hearing from multiple people in each workshop, participants were able to consider a variety of experiences and perspectives.

Keynote, Ellen Martin of Closed Loop Fund provided insights on economic considerations for investing in recycling infrastructure, and she gave examples of projects they have funded in the region. The shining stars of the program, however, were our award winners, who had phenomenal stories to tell through their video interviews. Congratulations again to Firstar Fiber, Red Willow County Household Hazardous Waste, HDR, Omaha Biofuels Coop, Hop Cat Lincoln, Ripple Glass, and Adam Prochaska. Two surprise awards were given, one to board member, Gene Hanlon, and another to NRC Deputy Director, Heather Creevan for their superior performance on NRC’s behalf.

Here are some stats: 36 sponsors, 2 grantors, 107 attendees, 10 business and community presenters, 1 keynote, 2 facilitators, 2 emcees, 10 vendors, 1 graphic designer, 1 printer, 1 videographer, 3 companies creating award plaques, 1 Country Club of Lincoln, 9 award winners, 8 board members, 5 Advisory Council members and 4 staff members. Need I reiterate, Collaboration is the Key?

– Julie